Nupur Kohli discovers life lessons

written by CarolinevanWijk, 5 October 2012, filed as article

Before we get to learn anything from Nupur Kohli, she has the entire auditorium doing laughter yoga. We all do the exercise: we stand up, put our arms in front of us, bow and burst out in a laughter, at first quite robot-like, but soon growing into some real laughter. We feel silly and embarrassed and she tells us that means we have grown up. Too bad for us.

I cannot agree more when she says she learns life lessons from children every day. I myself have motherhood as one of the most important (and longest lasting) schools of my cv on LinkedIn. The lessons she has learned from children and she passes through to us today are:

1. Start your day with a smile

When the orange of the morning sun mixes with the dark of the night, smile for this overwhelming beauty. A baby smiles four hundred times a day, a youngster only fourteen times and an adult only once – at the most. When you start your day with a smile you smile at least twice as much, I realise. Smiling makes you a more accessible person and gives you a more relaxed approach to your day.

2. Be enthusiastic

Nupur met a boy underway to her work who greeted her very enthusiastically. That made her realize: If you develop enthusiasm as a child and do your daily things as enthusiastic as a child does his, you have more energy and you focus better.

3. Ask why

When Nupur sees a child in the metro asking his father the questions children ask: why do people travel, why does the metro stop here and why do they look at me? Curiosity makes us explore the world & asking keeps us sharp, it creates a bond with the people we ask our questions to and keeps us learning. When Nupur asks questions to herself, she figures out her own motives and makes herself realize she has a voice that needs to be heard. No shame is only game, she learned.

We should appreciate children teaching us and discover their life lessons. Learn from them and make your life colorful as early sunshine!


3 Responses to Nupur Kohli discovers life lessons

  1. Marlou says:

    Thanks Carolien, for picking out this life lessons and presenting them in such a clear way to us. I agree. And I would like to add. Your own children are the biggest lesson, because they represent the biggest confrontation in life. Enjoy!

  2. Marianne Sanders says:

    Hallo Nupur,

    Zojuist zag ik je voordracht vanuit Delft. Van harte gefeliciteerd! Prachtig gesproken!
    Weet je nog wie ik ben?
    Ik was ooit je moeders vroedvrouw en we kwamen elkaar weer tegen op de Platoschool en op de hockeyclub Xenios.
    Hoe is het met je familie?

    Lieve groet,

  3. Nupur says:

    Hallo Marianne!

    Dank u wel! Ik weet zeker nog wie u bent. Misschien kunt u mij een kort berichtje sturen via, dan kan ik u terug mailen!


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