Rob Speekenbrink
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We strongly feel that communications done by non-profit organisations, such as educational institutions, governments, NGO’s, etc. needs to shift from periodical, policed messages in owned media to engaging content in a 24/7 media landscape that you do not control and in which content, context and fast online service are more important than seniority, brochures and working 40 hours a week. Now is the time to make that shift else your organisation will lag behind the rest of society and will gradually lose ground in credibility.

With NosCura, we focus on raising awareness and activating the existing community within and outside your organisation. The sector needs a revolution. You as an advancement professional play a key role in the changes to come. With our approach to online communication you will be able to engage with your stakeholders, improve your online service (webcare) and create relevant content.

Rob Speekenbrink

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