Rachel Smets – Your next step (in life)

Rachel Smets – Your next step (in life)

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  • What will you be doing in 10 years?
  • Where would you like to be?
  • What is keeping your from achieving your dream or goal?

Some of us have dreams and goals, yet don’t know how to achieve them. Some of us are stuck in their daily life and belief they can never change.

What is keeping us stuck?

One of the reasons is, we think too much. With 80,000 thoughts per day, it’s normal but sometimes these thoughts are so negative, the bring us down.

“I’m not good enough’’ , ‘’ I can’t’’, ‘’He’s better than me’’,…

Thoughts are stories we make up in our mind. This affects our feelings, which in turn leads to a behavior: STUCK!

When I was 20, I was married, had a great house, great work, good income. But, I was not satisfied. I was living a life that was planned out for me (like a straight lane in a swimming pool): same job, same husband, same town, same everything for the rest of my life. A straight lane. But, I was NOT happy. I wanted to swim in the ocean! I wanted to explore other countries and cultures.

Was I scared? YES!!! Leaving my family and financial security. What a silly idea. Everyone telling me to stay and not be a fool. Yes, I was scared. My drive was the thought of ‘’I don’t want to grow and think ‘’what if I would have done it’’. Now, 15 years later, I lived and worked in 6 different countries and speak 6 different languages and love what I do.

I wanted to change…and I did! HOW? I will tell you on Sunday 28 May 2017