The People Behind TEDXDelft | Iris Kramer | Spreading Happiness

written by Phillip Gangan, 25 November 2014, filed as Article

“I only want to see happy faces on the day of the event,” says Iris Kramer, Event Production Manager at TEDxDelft. Having studied at TU Delft for the last five years, Kramer has mastered...

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The People Behind TEDxDelft | Annelies Gras | Ready, willing and able

written by Phillip Gangan, 21 November 2014, filed as Article

“I’m very excited!” says Annelies Gras, Marketing and Communications Manager for TEDxDelft. As the newest member of the team, Gras is thrilled to be a part of the organization and is eager to get...

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TEDxDelft Events | Women take the lead | TEDxDelftWomen

written by Damini Purkayastha, 20 November 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

In May 2015, Delft will host its very first TEDxDelftWomen event. Inspired by TEDWomen, this event will also explore the ‘power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers’ in their respective fields. The idea...

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TEDxDelft | Inspiration delivered to your inbox | Newsletter

written by Damini Purkayastha, 17 November 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

The TEDxDelft team is getting busier and busier. As we inch towards the big event (February 27 – save the date!), there are TEDxDelft salons, innovation awards and lots of other exciting stuff coming...

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The People Behind TEDxDelft | Rob Speekenbrink | At the helm

written by Phillip Gangan, 14 November 2014, filed as Team Profiles

“My job is to curate, motivate and mediate,” says Rob Speekenbrink, co-founder and Chairman of TEDxDelft. Since 2010, the long-standing Delft resident and father of two has devoted much of his time and energy to...

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TEDxDelft Events| Ideas and Awards | TEDxDelft Awards

written by Damini Purkayastha, 12 November 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

Inspiration doesn’t only come from experts. Students and PhD candidates at TU Delft have great ideas to share as well. On November 28, we will host the TEDxDelft Award event in association with YES...

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TEDxDelft Events | Inspiration Can Be Cosy | TEDxDelftSalons

written by Damini Purkayastha, 7 November 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

As you wait for the big event on February 27, 2015, TEDxDelft has a series of smaller, more gezelig talks for you. Called Salons, the events will be held at the Theatre de Veste and...

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The People Behind TEDxDelft | Molly Quell | Always up for a challenge

written by Phillip Gangan, 6 November 2014, filed as Article

“Motivating a large group of people is always a challenge,” says Molly Quell, Online Media Coordinator for TEDxDelft. As a Social Media Consultant and the International Editor of TU Delft’s official campus magazine TU...

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Welcome to Delft Event

written by Phillip Gangan, 31 October 2014, filed as Article

The City of Delft will be organizing an informative Welcome to Delft event at the DOK Library Concept Center on Saturday, November 1, 2014 from 10:15 to 12:00. Hosted by Vice-Mayor Ferrie Förster, the event is an opportunity for...

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Special discount at TEDxDelft

written by Damini Purkayastha, 17 October 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

Early bird tickets are sold out! Regularly priced tickets are still available! Early birds always get a good deal – even at TEDxDelft. Ticket sales for TEDxDelft 2015, to be held on February, 27...

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TEDxDelft 2015 – Registration is now open!

written by Damini Purkayastha, 7 October 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

On February 27, 2015, TEDxDelft returns with an impressive line-up of speakers and inspiring stories. Only this time, it’s not just about great ideas but about taking those ideas and making them real. Let’s Make Things...

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Save the Date!

written by Damini Purkayastha, 26 September 2014, filed as

Let great ideas inspire you. On February 27, 2015, TEDxDelft returns with an impressive panel of speakers, cutting-edge ideas, inspirational stories and fun side events. Tickets will be on sale soon, so make sure...

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Get Involved

written by Molly Quell, 10 September 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

Do you want to get involved with TEDxDelft 2015? We want you. We’re actively searching for volunteers to help with everything from production to catering, from the web care team to post-production. Our volunteers...

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TU Delft Multicultural Night

written by Molly Quell, 4 September 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

To celebrate the cumulation of the orientation program for the new international students at TU Delft, the university  hosts a multicultural event complete with dancing, food and drinks. Directly following the closing ceremony of...

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In Memory Of Hans Dalmeijer

written by Molly Quell, 11 August 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our TEDxDelft volunteers. Hans Dalmeijer worked with us for the past several editions of TEDxDelft as a member of our webcare...

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Seats available @ release event

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 29 May 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

After one year of research, Boyan Slat will finally announce the results of The Ocean Cleanup’s feasibility study. Besides the incredible support of volunteers, sponsors and funders, we also wouldn’t have been able to...

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Can The Oceans Clean Themselves?

written by Molly Quell, 27 May 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

On October 5 2012, then 18-year-old Boyan Slat took the stage of the second ever TEDxDelft and presented his idea worth spreading: how the oceans can clean themselves. The video of his talk went around...

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The countdown has started

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 23 May 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

Will Boyan Slat will clean up the oceans? Find out on June 3rd, 10AM EDT / 4PM CET.

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TEDxDelft Cinema: Chris Slappendel

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 6 May 2014, filed as TEDxDelftCinema

De zesde avond TEDxDelft Cinema, met talks, video’s en een hoofdfilm, staat helemaal in het teken van Chris Slappendel, een ‘gewone’ Delftenaar die zijn leven heeft gewijd aan het behoud van tijgers in de...

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Brainstorming 2015

written by Molly Quell, 9 April 2014, filed as TEDxDelft

We’re already getting ready for 2015. And first on our to do list was to come up with a theme for the next TEDxDelft. The Friskijkers, a Leiden based company that helps company develop...

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written by Molly Quell, 2 April 2014, filed as TEDx Worldwide

In an effort to bring you a better TEDx experience, some of the TEDxDelft team set off for TEDxUHasselt last weekend. The demographics of the event are similar to TEDxDelft. TEDxUHasselt is held at the...

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TEDxDelftCinema over lekker eten, water en geld

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 7 January 2014, filed as TEDxDelftCinema

Een avond waar een professor watermanagement, een docent economie en een thuiskok met elkaar in gesprek gaan, afgewisseld met ludieke, schokkende,  informatieve stukken cinema. Klinkt leuk? Mooi, dat lijkt mij ook. Dus: 14 januari...

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Mars One crowdfunding campaign

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 18 December 2013, filed as TEDxDelft

In 2012, Mars One Founder Bas Lansdorp did his TEDxDelft talk. Mars One will establish a human settlement on Mars. You can participate in the first major step: a private Mars Lander and Satellite...

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TEDxDelftSalon: David Theuvenet

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 28 November 2013, filed as TEDxDelftSalon

Seven Billion Presidents My name is David Theuvenet. I’ve studied Technology Management and have a background in sustainability projects. If you ask me, when looking at our common global problems, we have been looking...

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TEDxDelftCinema: Jeroen van Erp

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 25 November 2013, filed as TEDxDelftCinema

TEDxDelft and Filmhuis Lumen present TEDxDelft Cinema, an evening of watching TED videos in a beautiful cinema in Delft. Each month a guest presents his inspirations and motivations via talks and videos.The evening ends...

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Krashna Musika plays in Aula TU Delft

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 14 November 2013, filed as TEDxDelft

On October the 4th, Krashna Musika performed two pieces of the Magnificat by John Rutter at TEDx Delft. Those two pieces were only a preview of the concert that will take place in the...

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time-lapse video of live drawing at TEDxDelft

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 13 November 2013, filed as TEDxDelft

At TEDxDelft 2013 the Jongens van de Tekeningen (‘the drawing guys’) made a visual representation of the talks. Drawing from dusk till dawn, the first draft was made on an electronic tablet based on...

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TEDxDelftSalon – Jessica Aceves

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 30 October 2013, filed as TEDxDelftSalon

11 November 2013 from 12.30 until 13.30 in the aula auditorium TU Delft (please be aware me moved TEDxDelftSalon from the Library to the Aula). Jessica Aceves Welcome to the TEDxDelftSalon: small, monthly events...

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TEDxDelft-Cinema: Linda Ammerlaan

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 22 October 2013, filed as TEDxDelftCinema

De tweede TEDxDelft-Cinema wordt een avond met cinema en TED-filmpjes, al even rijk en divers als samensteller Linda Ammerlaan zelf. Als cultureel producent heeft zij met projecten als de Skatejam al vele sporen in...

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Vrijdag 18 oktober spelen Maartje & Kine “Vreemd Folk”

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 14 October 2013, filed as TEDxDelft

U heeft bij TEDxDelft al kunnen genieten van Maartje & Kine. Hun nieuwe avondvullende voorstelling is opgenomen in het programma van Chaos aan de Schie zodat u vrijdag 18 oktober de kans krijgt om...

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A Behind The Scenes Peek

written by Molly Quell, 11 October 2013, filed as TEDxDelft

Wonder what it was like at the dress rehearsals for TEDxDelft 2013? Reporter Heather Beasley Doyle gives you the scoop. The TEDxDelft 2013 rehearsal took a slightly frantic turn as event production volunteer Erika Teeuwisse...

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First videos are here

written by Rob Speekenbrink, 10 October 2013, filed as TEDxDelft

We are very please our first three videos are ready: Ben Bronsema: Air conditioning with wind, sun and water Rutger de Graaf: We’re running out of land, so let’s build on water Carin Boersma: Flipping...

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TEDxDelft 2013: What a day it was….

written by EvelineVreede, 4 October 2013, filed as TEDxDelft

Wow, it’s a wrap! TEDxDelft 2013 has come to an end, and what great moments it brought us! Just to mention some of it. Marije Nie, who makes poetry with her feet, Anne Walraven...

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[video] John Cohn: bring a playful spirit into your work

written by Agaath Diemel, , filed as TEDxDelft

Dr John Cohn is a self-confessed nerd. He already knew he wanted to be an engineer at the age of eight, found himself a nerdy college, a nerdy job and even a nerdy wife,...

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Maartje & Kine: extremely witty musical entertainment

written by Jessica van den Doel, , filed as TEDxDelft

Winners of the TEDxDelft Salon Maartje en Kine were on stage today at TEDxDelft. Possibly the most entertaining performance of the day. They said the first thing you learn studying classical music is to...

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Japie Stoppelenburg – Is your brand the chubby kid in the schoolyard?

written by Michelle van Duijn, , filed as TEDxDelft

Japie Stoppelenburg, conceptor, copywriter, designer, researcher, director, singer, dancer and actor – often for clients and mostly for fun, gave a dazzling speech today about the resemblances between Facebook and a schoolyard.

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Tram Car Race – We have a winner!

written by Ulf Winberg, , filed as TEDxDelft

At 14:04  today, a winner of the TEDxDelft motor driven class of the Tram Car Race could be announced, and 20 minutes later, a winner of the manual class. The first race was between...

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Krashna Musika- listening to music is better than talking about music

written by Olga Mecking, , filed as TEDxDelft

With 80 people on the stage, “Krashna Musika”, the orchestra and choir of the music students of in Delft, has set a record. They all got on stage to perform “Magnificat” by British composer...

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Even More To See And Do At TEDxDelft

written by MandyJansen, , filed as TEDxDelft

Jongens van de Tekeningen (‘Boys from the Drawings’ in Dutch) Besides all the TEDxDelft talks being available on our Youtube channel, and all the photo’s that were made during the day, there’s one other...

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Looking under Rembrandts skin

written by Hans Meijer, , filed as Article

A painting is a 2D object, everyone knows that. Wrong! Tim Zaman, Ph.D. candidate at the Delft University of Technology, constructed for his graduation project a 3D scanner and took a closer look at...

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