One day, 8 inspiring speakers with progressive ideas. 8 TEDx Talks that reboot the brain. Where theories are formed and frameworks are called into question. Thursday, June 6, 2019 the 7th edition of TEDxDelft takes place. Today the tickets sale has started

The theme of the 2019 edition is RE:load. Reload yourself. TEDxDelft guarantees new theories and points of view. RE:think. RE:start. RE:evaluate the things you believe are determined. TEDxDelft RE:load reminds you that nothing is what it looks like and it challenges you to open your mind.

Tickets include food experience, performances and side events
TEDxDelft tickets include side events, four performances and a dinner which will score high on the scale of amazement and stimulate all the senses. The side events respond to the needs of visitors during the breakout. At RE:treat visitors can rest, at RE:fresh you can recharge, and at RE:cap you can reflect, evaluate and discuss the topics of the day.
Tickets are available for students (€ 25,00) and private individuals (€ 40,00). Early birds get a discount of € 5,00 (limited sales).

Over the next couple of weeks, we will update our website with more information about the theme, speakers and more. Stay tuned.