Enjoy your time and watch all talks & performances or select your favourite talk or performance and look back at some great ideas worth sharing:


Talk – Temitope Agbana
Putting the “re” in “research” to make a special social impact. Temitope Agbana challenged our audience to step out of the predefined template, do RE:search in a different way, and be RE:levant. Why do you do what you do? It is about personal development, about making a difference in the world, or a bit of both?


Talk – Joris Dik
From transcient to timeless: using technology to saver modern art. Joris Dik is a professor of Materials Science and comes from a family of painting conservators. His personal interest in art is primarily focused on the scientific, research side of art. In his TEDxTalk he raises the question: Why are we not protecting our modern art?


Performance – Rudebeats, Hassani & Studio Convex
For this edition of TEDxDelft, together with a dancer and a visual artist, he has put together a special act that fits the theme. Get carried away in a story where motion, sound and visuals will re-set your brain.


Talk – Meike van Ginneken
How data negates our preconceptions of the world. This talk provides a big picture on how the lives of billions of people have gotten much better in our (your!) lifetime – and where more needs to be done. Ms. Meike van Ginneken is passionate about fighting poverty. In her 20+ years career spanning five continents she has helped large numbers of people gain access to energy, water, and sanitation services.


Talk – Marieke van der Weiden
Bringing life tot a dead business. Marieke RE:minded us that we only die once, so we should take that seriously. With a focus on the new generation of relatives (now forty and fifty) who want more than 45 minutes in an auditorium. Marieke is a visionary and innovator


Performance – Aafke Romeijn
Where do you like to escape when things get rough? What’s your ‘escape pod’?
Aafke Romeijn shared her story of struggling with depression with us, and performed her song ‘Corola’


TEDxDelft Award – Final Talks
Our TEDxDelft Award finalist Rushabh Chheda, Nima Salami & Benjamin Lehner.

Rushabh Chheda – How I turned our plastic problem into a housing solution.
‘Over 1.5 billion people today do not have access to adequate housing, 1 billion of them live in self-built slums. During my final year of architecture at TU Delft, I was working on an idea to create affordable self-built housing using local plastic waste, to empower vulnerable communities to build their own houses.


Nima Salami – How ownership of our health records can save lives
In a world where currently 250+ million people live outside their origin country and 8+ million people travel in every single day, the chance that these people need access to their health records abroad is only ever increasing. Transferring or carrying these health records with you, however, at the moment is either near impossible or is usually done in a very unsecured way.


Benjamin Lehner – How bacteria can help us colonise Mars
Benjamin Lehner spoke on the power of bacteria to help us RE:build civilisation on new planets. What do you think of his microscopic solution to a RE:source problem of macroscopic proportions?


Talk – Madamme de Berry
How coincidence shaped my life. Madame de Berry, alter ego of Berry Visser, will explain why coincidence exist. Berry Visser, founder of Mojo Concerts, invented his alter ego eleven years ago. Madame de Berry lives in her dream palace, The Hidden House in the old centre of Delft, where she tries to escape reality and the advancing time.


Talk – Charlotte Koster
Using nature’s most powerful tool to save lives. Charlotte Koster uses the CRISPR method to cut and paste DNA to RE:create viable lifeforms, but she is no modern day Dr. Frankenstein. Charlotte argues that we should not let our fears hold us back from making actual scientific progress. What do you think? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Or are we playing with a proverbial fire that we can’t contain?


Performance – Convoi Exceptional
Convoi Exceptional is exactly the kind of band that RE:energises any audience and gets the crowd going. These guys know how to create a swirling crowd using instruments as djembe, saxophone and drums. Steaming energetic improvisation sounds and pumping live beats and audio improvisation sounds will definitely resonate! Fiery and sometimes contrasted by small moments of reflection.


Talk – Igo Boerrigter
What if our cash crashed? Why we need a back-up plan in the digital age. According to our speaker, Igo Boerrigter, “cash continues to have a crucial role in society, even for those who do not use it”. What do you think? Are we rushing into the digital age too fast?


Talk – Marco Delgado Schwartz
How we found the solution to green airtravel. Marco Delgado Schwartz and his team have developed the most efficient green airplane capable of transporting 19 people from London to Munich. The only residual material that comes out of it is droplets of water. The green age can start today.