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Arjen Kamphuis
Start defending yourself in the digital world. Nobody else will do it for you.


Vreneli Stadelmaier
Why feminism should be about confidence, not dominance 


Away Too Long

Coming soon


Mata Haggis-Burridge
Stop assuming data, algorithms and AI are objective


Iris Woutera


Wessel van Beerendonk
Bringing back customization in modern architecture through digital design


Eat Art Collective
Interview: Eat Art Collective


Jonathan Schoenmaker
How I overcame depression by just sitting around 


Peter Joosten
The ultimate lifehack? A synergy of habits, health and gadgets.


Laura Klauss
How we made plastic waste sexy and beautiful. 


Sofie Letitre 
Perfect Mistake


John Sadowsky
We all have something in common – using stories to motivate others.