TEDxDelft is organized by non-profit foundation TEDxDelft, supported by corporate sponsors from different industries (TU Delft, Delft Gemeente, Fabrique and TamTam). We would like to express our gratitude to the members of our advisory board and our ambassadors. The main goal of the foundation is to organize the TEDxDelft event and create a movement around ideas worth spreading.

TEDxDelft Non-profit Organization
Rob Speekenbrink - Chairman
Paul Manuel – Board Member
Wolter Smit - Treasurer
Pieter Guldemond – Secretary

TEDxDelft Organizing Team
Rob Speekenbrink – Co-founder / Licensee / Curator
Liesbeth Mantel – Project manager
Jeroen van Erp – Curator / Program director
Caryn ‘t Hart de Wijkerslooth - Curator
Dominique Riley  – Event production
Iris Kramer  – Event production
Sylvia Walsarie Wolff – Speaker Liaison
Antoinette Wijffels – Stage direction
Toine Andernach – Performer coach
Annelies Gras – Marketing & Communication
Molly Quell – Online Media
Brenda Hooiveld – Volunteer Coordinator

Advisory Board
Evelyne Esveld – Head Corporate Communication of  TU Delft
Paul Manuel – Partner at TamTam
Jeroen van Erp – Partner at Fabrique
Antoinette Wijffels – Partner at Improve
Simone de Jong – Co-founder of TEDxDelft
Coen Vermeeren – Head of Studium Generale
Jan Bartels – Director Theater de Veste Delft

TEDxDelft Ambassadors
Bas Verkerk – Mayor of Delft
Karel Luyben – Rector Magnificus of TU Delft
Ehsan Turabaz – Manager of the International Sales Department Inter IKEA Systems BV

Performers Coaches team
Toine Andernach
Martijn Wackers
Sjaak Baars
Renate Klaassen
Antoinette Wijffels
Jet van Paassen
Kim van der Linden (English)

 Marketing & Communications team
Annelies Gras
Molly Quell