Sneak Peak | TEDxDelft 2015 | Let’s Make Things Beta!

We hope to see you at the upcoming TEDxDelft event at the TU Delft Aula Congress Centre on February 27, 2015. With an impressive line-up of speakers and inspiring stories, this year’s event is not just about great ideas, but about taking those ideas and making them real. After all, a great idea deserves to be shared with the world.

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Rob Speekenbrink | Welcome to TEDxDelft

Elisa Giaccardi | A day in the life of a kettle

Wolter Smit | Making every penny count

Puck Meerburg | Turning the conventional into state-of-the-art

Andy Zaidman | Making testing fun

Kor van Velzen | Creativity and change

Jojanneke van den Bosch | Helping the invisible