TEDxDelft speaker in the spotlight: Arjen Kamphuis

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Speaker TEDxDelft in the spotlight!

Arjen Kamphuis worked for IBM as IT-architect in the ’90’s. From 2002 to 2010 he advised several European countries on IT-strategy, opensource software & open standards. Since 2006 he helps to secure information systems of companies, government and NGO’s. His work ranges from regular security-awareness to countering espionage against companies, journalists, lawyers and activists. Arjen is involved with the global hacker-community and works with (former)employees of spy agencies and other professionals who work at the front of critical infrastructure protection. Arjen is now Tech & Infosec Director at Pretty Good Knowledge – the Brunel datascience company.

Arjen’s talk will be about the following: From governments to health-care to basic food availability, our lives depend on networked computers functioning all the time.

Thanks to Edward Snowden we know most of our current IT-systems are insecure beyond repair. This insecurity is becoming an existential threat to highly automated and networked societies. There is a way out of this but it requires a different way of thinking about IT than what got us here.