TEDxDelft 2012 | Judith Adema – Everything Changed

Judith Adema is a 16 year old singer songwriter who is best known by the public through her song ‘Everything Changed’, which she sang in the ‘birdy contest’ on the radio show of Chiel Beelen. She had her first piano lesson at the age of six, and from that moment music has been in her life. A friend told her she should participate in the radio contest and so she did. Although she didn’t win, she impressed many people with her song ‘Everything Changed’ about losing someone who is dear to you but being able to move on. She wrote the song after losing an uncle she was close with. The emotions took her back to the time of the loss of her father nine years ago. Judith: “Although you lose someone physically, the person is still around”.  She still feels the presence of her father, even more so because the musical talent of her father continues in her.

Judith wants to finish her Musical and Theatre school in Zwolle first, she is learning how to dance now,  and to further developed her musical skills. She loves being true to herself as a ‘small performer’. Not craving for a professional career yet, stay real and close to who she is. That’s what she wants for now. Maybe later she will compete in a talent show. Judith feels strongly connected to Tedx Delft Never grow up; “ In school I am taught to really search for the child inside you, because the child still sees the beauty of the world, of the things around you. Some people act like grown-ups, while inside they cherish the child inside them”.  Judith loves sports as long board riding, soccer, sailing, and spending time with friends.