TEDxDelft 2015 | Ideas and Awards | TEDxDelft Awards

Inspiration doesn’t only come from experts. Students and PhD candidates at TU Delft have great ideas to share as well. On November 28, we will host the TEDxDelft Award event in association with YES Delft. A platform that gives students and PhDs a chance to talk about ideas that may well shape the future.

Speakers chosen for the event have attended several workshops to develop their ideas and pitching skills. At the event, they will compete for the final award and a chance to present their idea at TEDxDelft 2015. Speakers include Devin Malone (One night’s tent), Sander Hulsman (A novel aircraft design), Mileha Soneji (Small steps, big results), Giuseppe Coreale (All you need is plasma), Marco Galli (The e-box idea), Gautham Ram (The future’s energy carrier) and Dorine Duives (Be safe in buildings).

Jury members at the event include Rector Karel Luyben. Tickets cost on 7.50 euros and can be booked in advance.

When: November 28, 16:00

Where: Molengraffsingel 12-14, 2629 JD Delft

Tickets: 7.50 euros

Book them online here.