The people behind TEDxDelft | Brenda Hooiveld | Bringing people together

Brenda Hooiveld Headshot

Working together with other people is one of the most gratifying things to do. Whether it’s playing the tuba in an orchestra or getting colleagues and volunteers to be enthusiastic about TEDxDelft, what Volunteer Coordinator Brenda Hooiveld appreciates most is the opportunity to work with other people. It’s no surprise then that she returns to the team for a third time to help organise the upcoming TEDxDelft event.

While most people would regard it a challenge to coordinate more than a hundred volunteers, Hooiveld considers such an undertaking to be a reward in itself. “Every year, I am amazed and surprised by how many highly motivated volunteers are prepared to do almost anything for TEDxDelft,” Hooiveld says. “I really enjoy getting other people equally enthusiastic about the event. It’s a really great concept and I love creating a sense of excitement around it.” Indeed, for Hooiveld, there is no better moment when the sense of cooperation, inspiration and excitement come together than during the event itself.

Working as a Communications Advisor for TU Delft’s Education and Student Affairs department, Hooiveld is a genuine people person. So when the opportunity came to join the TEDxDelft team as the Volunteer Coordinator, she was more than willing to take up the task. “They needed someone who could work with people from all across the board and I like working with people,” Hooiveld explains, “so I thought, why not?”

If you are interested in volunteering for the upcoming TEDxDelft event, why not drop her a line or sign up via our website?

What is your role at TEDxDelft?

I am the volunteer coordinator. This means that I am responsible for recruiting and mobilizing the volunteers at TEDxDelft. And of course keep all volunteers and our event managers happy.

Why did you get involved with the organization?

I was a volunteer at the first TEDxDelft and several of the organisers of TEDxDelft are colleagues of mine, as I work at TU Delft

How long have you been a part of the TEDxDelft team?

The first edition I was a normal volunteer. Unfortunately, I had to skip the 2nd edition. The role of volunteer coordinator I am doing for the 2nd year.

If you could choose one person to give a talk at TEDxDelft, who would it be and why? 

Mr. Bean, curious what he would do on such a stage.

What’s your nerdy little secret?

I read a lot, including fantasy and science fiction books. And I am a comics fan.