The People Behind TEDxDelft | Wolter Smit | Making every penny count

‘There’s nothing more challenging or rewarding than to make this year’s TEDxDelft event a kick-ass experience,” says Wolter Smit. As Treasurer of the TEDxDelft non-profit organization, it goes without saying that Smit plays an important role in the team. Any event, no matter how ‘kick-ass’, requires sound finances, ensuring that expenditures do not exceed the earnings. This may mean having to make choices between what is possible and what is not. “It is a risk calculation of a sort, evaluating whether something is possible or if we have to give in because the funding does not allow for it,” explains Smit.

Being Treasurer does mean being more removed from the event itself, Smit admits. “The closer you are to the actual organisation of the event itself, the more it pulls you in,” he says. “I look at it from a bit farther away.” What matters to Smit is that sponsors are signed on and the bills are paid on time. Despite looking at the organisation from more of a distance, this has done nothing to diminish Smit’s enthusiasm about the upcoming event. In particular, the diversity among the speakers and the atmosphere are what Smit looks forward to. With such a positive attitude, visitors can rest assured that TEDxDelft is going to be a truly kick-ass event.

What is your role at TEDxDelft?

I’m the Treasurer of TEDxDelft. Basically, my job is to make sure there will be another TEDx edition after this one.

Why did you get involved with the organization?

Someone in the board asked me if I could help out. I’m an entrepreneur, so I could make some connections to the local business community and make sure that TEDxDelft is run soundly and professionally. I really like the TEDx concept so it didn’t take long for me to decide to join.

How long have you been a part of the TEDxDelft team?

This is the second TEDxDelft I’m helping with.

If you could choose one person to give a talk at TEDxDelft, who would it be and why?

I would choose Elon Musk. He founded PayPal and then went on to run SpaceX en Tesla Motors. He would talking about having an impact as an entrepreneur.

What’s your nerdy little secret?

It is not a secret that I feed my inner nerd now and then by programming or toying around with Arduino.