TEDxDelft 2015 | Delft Brass | All about the brass


Preceded by a few technical talks, Delft Brass, a group of enthusiastic and musical individuals from Delft, immediately transformed the TU Delft Aula Congress Center by performing a musical medley, which instilled energy and enthusiasm in the audience.

Beginning with a few mild notes on the trumpet, the music took off as the ensemble swung into higher pitches, creating synergy through brass. The ensemble came together when a tuba player and TEDxDelft Volunteer Coordinator Brenda Hooiveld and her musically inclined friends decided to form a group that appreciates brass-based instruments.

“Well, brass is what our instruments are made up of, [that is why] our band is Delft Brass,” Hooiveld explains. “And a year-and-a-half back, we decided to group together and play together. All of the musicians play in Koninklijke Harmoniekapel Delft (Royal Wind Orchestra Delft). This is our first time at TEDxDelft.”

The  group delivered three pieces in an eight minute period, based on TEDxDelft 2015’s theme, “Let’s make things beta”. “It does not matter how we play, but it matters how we play with enthusiasm and passion,” Hooiveld says.

Symbolising high energy and intensity through the musical peices, Andre Elbrink, another musician from the Brass Delft says, “Being abroad is all fun. It is also one of our messages to help people realize the same. The performance was specifically made for TEDxDelft.”

Showcasing their musical talent and creating harmony through brass instruments, Delft Brass kindled all the zeal and zest through their music at TEDxDelft 2015.