TEDxDelft 2015 | Microsoft | Using technology creatively


As one of the sponsors of TEDxDelft 2015, the Microsoft software company wanted to do more during the event. “Inspired by the world of technology,”says Marcel Timmer, Director for Developer Experience at Microsoft, “we invited various artists to come up with something more than a cardboard stand emblazoned with the name of the company.”

So today as you enter the TEDxDelft event, you’re struck straightaway by an eerie noise emanating from behind a set of black velvet curtains. Welcome to Nick Verstand’s art installation. Go behind the curtain and you see a large globe, apparently floating in space with beautiful colours, flowing across the surface in waves. As people move around the room, the patterns and colours change, interpreting people’s behaviour into fluid images.  In the words of its creator, this is “Imagination made real using technology”.

Another Microsoft stand is a display of tablets lit up with words like Music or Biotechnology. As a visitor, you can take down the tablet showing the word that speaks most to your heart or head, attach it to a big red heart or a head and then hold it in front of you, while you take a selfie using selfie stick. And throughout the day, all these will be uploaded on to the TEDxDelft Facebook site. Creator Micah Kessels explains that this reveals an extra dimension of who you are.