TEDxDelftWomen 2015| Dalia El Gabry | Sharing in the success

TEDX6431Dalia El Gabry believes that personal success has a profound impact on one’s surroundings. Success, she believes, needs to be shared.

Central Planning and Performance Manager for Shell, her story begins in Egypt. In a conservative environment she was keen to leave behind. “Back in 2001 I saw no opportunity for progress in Egypt,” she said, as she spoke about her myriad life experiences. First she stepped out of her comfort zone and worked with big corporations inside Egypt. Soon she found herself at the start of a career in Norway some time later in countries such as Africa, Qatar and now the Netherlands. This journey, she believes, redefined not only her life, but also those around her. “I always realized that if I do not develop and do not grow, I will only have a negative impact towards people around me.”

Though it wasn’t an easy ride, she says it taught her a lot about differences in culture, technical aspects in her career and dealing with the society, “The legacy is the quality of impact you create in everyone in their everyday lives. Experiencing all the nuances that the journey of life could give us.” From giving birth to making her daughters successful and creating a family to share in success – experiences shaped by us and in turn shape us as well. After all, she says, when you get the best out of everyone, you share in their success too.