TEDxDelftWomen 2015 Speaker | Noa Brume | Ropes of Hope

Version 2“Teaching is my passion, says Noa Brume “and now it is training which replaces it. It’s in my blood.” As a counsellor, life coach and  trainer, Brume works with clients in both the private and corporate sectors on personal growth and empowerment. For 17 years, she worked as an educator and taught at Oxford University before pursuing a career in the field of professional counseling. The happiness that comes with empowering people keeps her motivated to progress along her chosen line of work. For Brume, seeing that she has helped someone is a great reward. It’s a feeling that she greatly cherishes.

At the upcoming TEDxDelft Women event, Brume is talking about a concept that she recently heard in a conversation, drawing a connection between Newton’s much-studied Third Law and self-help. The focus of her talk stems from her own personal journey of recovery from the sudden death of her son.

“The idea of self-help can touch and be relevant to everyone who will ever come across it,” Brume says. “Caryn ‘t Hart, the speaker-coach who was allocated to work with me in preparation for this talk, said that this idea can be shared tomorrow with Hilary Clinton and she will be able to connect.”

When asked about this year’s theme, Brume said that being congruent is what authenticity means to her. “That means being true to your own self and to feel connected deeply in,”  she explains. “For me, this is the name of the game and this is what I teach people. Introspection brings your true self and leads you to feel good about yourself.”