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On Sunday October 25, from 15:00 until 17:00, TEDxDelft will host its first salon of the new season at Theater de Veste, entitled Thin Ice. The theme for this event will be Climate Change. The salon will focus on how changing perceptions can benefit the planet’s ecological system, more specifically through evaporation, construction of aeroplanes and festivals.

The speakers for this event will be Miram Coenders and Sofia Teixeira de Freitas, both Assistant Professors at TU Delft, and Wout Kommer, co-founder of KarTent. These special guests will share their insights into how knowledge on evaporation is important for food security, how aeroplanes can become more environmentally friendly, and how festivals have led to new insights about personal possessions.

The TEDxDelft salon will be held in English and is open to everyone, so come and join us, share in the knowledge and tell us about about your idea worth spreading!

Special guests:

Miriam Coenders


Miriam Coenders





Sofia Teixeira de Freitas


Sofia Teixeira de Freitas






Wout Kommer




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