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TEDxDelft 2012 | Space blog: Life on Mars

On stage today will be two performers who have a space connection, one more obvious than the other. The less obvious one is Guus Roeselers. Next to being awarded professional of the year 2012 he is also expert on system biology. His performance at TEDxDelft will be about the amazing cosmos of microbiology. The second […]

TEDxDelft 2012 Mars blog: water on Mars

Mars is as dry as a desert. The combination of the specific temperature and atmospheric air pressure of Mars only allows water to be present in a gaseous phase on the surface. Liquid water is a key factor in the survival of humans once they reach Mars and thus one of the issues that TEDxDelft […]

TEDxDelft Mars blog: top 5 Mars missions

The history of Mars Exploration started a long, long time ago. Ancient civilizations already dreamed about going to Mars and did extensive research concerning the movement of planet Mars in the Earth’s sky. They also brought Mars to Earth by embracing it as a religious symbol in society, some for peaceful purposes but most for […]

TEDxDelft: start the Buzz for Lodewijk van den Berg

Apollo 11 Moon walkers Neil Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins returned from the Moon in july 1969. They traveled all over the planet to celebrate the first safe return of human beings that explored an extraterrestrial heavenly body. On November 7, Dutch-American astronaut Lodewijk van den Berg will return to Delft, the city where he did […]