TEDxDelft teamToine Andernach – The power of silence

Toine Andernach

As a passionate performer coach I am lucky to work in the stimulating academic setting of Delft University of Technology. Since the first TEDxDelft in 2011, I have been a member of the TEDxDelft team, responsible for performer coaching. With a dedicated team of coaches we will support TEDxDelft performers to prepare a captivating and convincing presentation. Story telling and theatre techniques, stage direction and English language feedback will enable them to deliver a performance they will never forget.

My hobby horse is the underestimated power of using silence in presentations and teaching. I am convinced that the quality of performances would drastically increase when performers used silence more intentionally.

Some of my favorite TED talks:


Furthermore, I love water, I love language, but above all, I love my twins.