TEDxSummit 2012: Ten lessons learned

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1: Do not invite celebrities as speakers. Make celebrities out of your speakers.
2: If a company says ‘no’ to your sponsorship request, invite them to your event anyway.
3: “Ithaka gave you a splendid journey. Without her you would not have set out.” Poem bij Constaine Cavafy, 1911.
4: Design a cue-less event. Use your imagination and innovation to avoid cues for coffee, busses, whatsever.
5: Swap favours between sponsors.
6: Invite last year’s speakers to curate and host your TEDx salon or cinema event.
7: Interview fellow TEDx organizers and share the interview through your event’s blog or newsletter.
8: Pick one TED or TEDx talk a week and share and comment on it on your event’s website (‘team’s weekly pick’).
9: Give EVERYONE on your team access to EVERYTHING that is going on AT ALL TIMES.
10: Ban emails. Only use project sharing software like Basecamp.