website_tedx2014_detailpageIn an effort to bring you a better TEDx experience, some of the TEDxDelft team set off for TEDxUHasselt last weekend.

The demographics of the event are similar to TEDxDelft. TEDxUHasselt is held at the University of Hasselt in Hasselt, Belgium. The university is primarily a technical university with approximately 5,500 students situated in a town of 70,000 inhabitants. They just hosted their 3rd event and TEDxDelft is going into our 4th. Unlike our event, TEDxUHasselt is organized and run entirely by students.

The theme of their event was Unexpected Connections. According to their website,

“After three years of existence, the organizers of TEDxUHasselt learned a lot of things. One of the most important is how interesting and powerful good connections can be and this experience is what we want to share with you. People, cultures, and research areas will be mixed and connected to each other on March 29th, which will result in the ultimate brain spa.”

We learned a lot from the experience and brought back some good ideas for 2015. Thanks to TEDxUHasselt for inviting us.

Passion at workYou don’t have to wait unitl October 4th for your next TEDx event! On May 24th TEDxScheveningen will take place for the first time. The program looks very promising and the TEDxDelft team is very much looking forward to the event our TEDx colleagues have organised. The line-up contains an artist, two ballroom dancers, a theatre director and lots more, all presenting the talk of their life about Passion at Work, the central theme of TEDxScheveningen.We are definitely going to be there, will we meet you there?! Read more

We have some exciting news for you! We’re piloting a 4-day TEDxLive event with TEDxVilniusLive in Lithuania. They are hosting an action-packed 4-day simulcast of TEDGlobal 2013, accompanied by a range of exciting local activities; they are charging 520 Euros for this amazing experience. For now, this program is only a pilot, standard TEDxLive rules still apply to all current and future TEDxLive events. Here are the details: Read more

We’re very proud that the talk by Erik Schlangen, held at TEDxDelft 2012, has been selected by the editors to be featured on Only 1{95388bbb2e9df0f2b3d26445fc24fe82185b1b567dbb094bc3a45074083d0a2b} of all worldwide TEDx talks organised is selected. Schlangen amazed his audience at TEDxDelft by repairing a broken piece of asphalt through heating it in a microwave oven – on stage. This ‘self-healing asphalt’ is a ground-breaking innovation in the roadbuilding sector, as it can save up to millions of dollars in terms of repair costs and reduction of traffic jams caused by road maintenance.

Watch the talk here:

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View! Rate! Comment! Help discover amazing new talent and shape the lineup for TED2013 by choosing your favorite videos from our worldwide talent search. Watch and vote on over 290 videos from 14 different cities. Your voice is critical! Read more

Since 2009, TEDx events have been organized all over the world. The popularity has grown exponentially, on average 6 to 7 TEDx events per day nowadays.
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At TEDxSummit, project groups were formed to make proposals to TED. The one I joined made a proposal to introduce regional lens websites: TEDx websites in native languages and focusing on relevant and regional TEDx-events and -talks. In our case: “TEDx in Nederland en in het Nederlands” treating the Netherlands and Flanders as a region.

Not to be mixed up with a TEDxNetherlands – this is not what we mean. We propose an online aggregation and overview per region, not a regional TEDx event. Read more

1: Do not invite celebrities as speakers. Make celebrities out of your speakers.
2: If a company says ‘no’ to your sponsorship request, invite them to your event anyway.
3: “Ithaka gave you a splendid journey. Without her you would not have set out.” Poem bij Constaine Cavafy, 1911.
4: Design a cue-less event. Use your imagination and innovation to avoid cues for coffee, busses, whatsever.
5: Swap favours between sponsors.
6: Invite last year’s speakers to curate and host your TEDx salon or cinema event.
7: Interview fellow TEDx organizers and share the interview through your event’s blog or newsletter.
8: Pick one TED or TEDx talk a week and share and comment on it on your event’s website (‘team’s weekly pick’).
9: Give EVERYONE on your team access to EVERYTHING that is going on AT ALL TIMES.
10: Ban emails. Only use project sharing software like Basecamp.

Today, April 16 at 18.30, watch TEDxSummit 2012 Opening Night, a two-hour TED session featuring speakers and performers from the region and beyond.

Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Photo: James Duncan Davidson






Speakers include TEDTalks star and health-data guru Hans Rosling … boundary-breaking artist Raghava KK … TEDx teacher Diana Laufenberg … “solar cracking” expert Nesrin Ozalp … and the wonderful young singer Zain Awad!

TEDxDelft team members Simone en Rob are going to be watching the opening ceremony live in Doha, Qatar.If you have any questions about TEDxSummit or the opening night. Feel free to send us an email.