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TEDxDelftSalon: Boost your senses on Sunday 28 May

TEDxDelftSalon was back in theatre De Veste on Sunday 28 May (from 3PM) with three live speakers and a surprise act. The theme is “Boost Your Senses”. Check out the pictures on Flickr. Our Salon speakers: Karthik Mahadevan- Designing for artificial intelligence Rachel Smets – Your next step (in life) Our entertainment – Trio blame it […]


The Great Warmachine at Theater de Veste Delft

The Great Warmachine made such a strong impression on its first run, that theaters throughout the Netherlands invited this English-spoken production back. A great opportunity to get an idea of the strong qualities of modern dutch theatre. About The Great Warmachine November of 2011, General Van Uhm, commander in chief of the Dutch armed forces, […]

TEDxDelft 2015 | Seats available @ release event

After one year of research, Boyan Slat will finally announce the results of The Ocean Cleanup’s feasibility study. Besides the incredible support of volunteers, sponsors and funders, we also wouldn’t have been able to complete this essential first step without you – our supporters. Hence, we now enable you to be present at the release […]

TEDxDelft 2013 | Mars One crowdfunding campaign

In 2012, Mars One Founder Bas Lansdorp did his TEDxDelft talk. Mars One will establish a human settlement on Mars. You can participate in the first major step: a private Mars Lander and Satellite mission in 2018. The Mars One foundation will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. A newly launched Indiegogo campaign will help […]


TEDxDelft Salon 2013: David Theuvenet

Seven Billion Presidents My name is David Theuvenet. I’ve studied Technology Management and have a background in sustainability projects. If you ask me, when looking at our common global problems, we have been looking for solutions in the wrong places. What we need is not to improve things, make things better, create more intelligent solutions […]


TEDxDelft Salon 2013 – Jessica Aceves

11 November 2013 from 12.30 until 13.30 in the aula auditorium TU Delft (please be aware me moved TEDxDelftSalon from the Library to the Aula). Jessica Aceves Welcome to the TEDxDelftSalon: small, monthly events that take place in the Auditorium in the Aula. One TED talk, one live speaker and a discussion afterwards. TEDxDelftSalon will […]


TEDxDelft 2013 | TEDxDelft-Cinema: Linda Ammerlaan

De tweede TEDxDelft-Cinema wordt een avond met cinema en TED-filmpjes, al even rijk en divers als samensteller Linda Ammerlaan zelf. Als cultureel producent heeft zij met projecten als de Skatejam al vele sporen in Delft nagelaten. Dinsdag 22 oktober is de tweede TED-cinema-avond in Filmhuis Lumen, deze maand met de Delftse culturele producent Linda Ammerlaan. […]

TEDxDelft 2013 | Pop-up library

Bring your books to TEDxDelft and put them in our pop-up library. A pop-up library (or public bookcase) is one or more cabinets which may be freely and anonymously used for the exchange and storage of books without the formalities associated with libraries. When in public places these cabinets are of a robust and weatherproof […]

TEDxDelft 2013 | Revising the TEDxDelft letters

In 2012, we had our TEDxDelft letters on stage. We thought they were really big but it turned out to be just the right size for our (also very big) stage. After a year of travel to several places in the neighborhood of the venue and lending them out to two other TEDx events (always […]

TEDxDelft 2013 | The people behind TEDxDelft – Speaker liaison: Sheraz Kazmi

Can you tell us something about yourself? I’m a 27-year old sports, music, food, and family lover and live in The Hague. Together with my ‘brother-from-the-same-mother’ we form an entrepreneurial powerhouse. We develop purposeful concepts at Kazmi & Kazmi. We work closely together with (like-minded) talents from various backgrounds (creatives, trainers, entrepreneurs) and all over […]

TEDxDelft 2013 Auditions

Do you want to be on the TEDxDelft stage? Do you have an “Do try this at home” idea worth spreading? Why not try and pitch yours, because this year, we have speaker/performer auditions. At the Summer Festival 2013 on 31 May 2013, we have a TEDxDelft audition stage underneath the Culture building from 17.00 […]

TEDxDelft2013: Do try this at home

Ideas worth spreading need to be spreadable. That’s the theme for this year’s TEDx Delft event, Do try this at home. Do try this at home will feature the inspiring talks TED and TEDx is famous for but with a practical twist. Speakers will discuss concepts which can be implemented in everyday life, encouraging attendees […]


TEDxVilniuslive in Lithuania

We have some exciting news for you! We’re piloting a 4-day TEDxLive event with TEDxVilniusLive in Lithuania. They are hosting an action-packed 4-day simulcast of TEDGlobal 2013, accompanied by a range of exciting local activities; they are charging 520 Euros for this amazing experience. For now, this program is only a pilot, standard TEDxLive rules still apply to […]

TEDxDelft 2013 | Crowdfunding The Ocean Cleanup

18-year-old Boyan Slat came up with a concept that may be able to remove vast amounts of plastics from the oceans. On 5 October 2012, Boyan presented his idea at TEDxDelft. Now, together with a group of students, engineers, oceanographers and industry experts, he has set out to investigate and demonstrate its viability and feasibility. […]

TEDxDelft 2013 | White smoke

We are very pleased to announce TEDxDelft 2013: 4 October 2013! TEDxDelft will again be full day of inspiration, ideas and energy. A change to meet new people and to see new possibilities. TEDxDelft will again be in Aula Congress Centre Delft, again for about 950 attendees and again with 20 performer/speakers. TEDxDelft2013 will also […]