TEDxDelft Salon 2012: Cherrelle Eid


Cherrelle Eid – The Roots of Realisation

Passionate living, that is what we all want. But our smartphones might keep us busy, and our jobs and studies are driving us in directions that we hope will eventually lead to something we are passionate about. However, the need to be accepted by our peers (peer pressure) and our own definitions of success are mostly things that are aimedat striving for acknowledgement from our peers instead of really doing what we love to do. Creating the right output is what we naturally tend to focus on, instead of focusing on our personal passion. How do we get in touch with our inner passions, in a practical way? Discover the roots of realisation.

Cherrelle Eid is a PhD student at the faculty of Technology Policy and Management in the Energy and Industry section. She is a daughter of an Indian mother and Lebanese father and born in the Netherlands. She is a sports instructor (fitness and spinning) and a motivational speaker within youth groups. Besides this she is a singer/songwriter, painter and enjoys photography.