TEDxDelft 2012 | Boyan Slat goes viral


With his talk “How the oceans can clean themselves” Boyan Slat was the first to climb the TEDxDelft 2012 stage. This 19 year-old student from Delft stole our hearts with his idea to clean the oceans of plastic in just a few years.

Last week, his story was shared on several websites and got picked up on Twitter, Facebook and especially YouTube. The views went from about 2.000 two weeks ago to 15.000 last Tuesday. On Wednesday it was 35.000 and now (Thursday 28 March 2013) it’s nearing 50.000 views.

Well done Boyan! We are very proud of you and all the best with the Marine Litter Extraction Project.

See Boyan Slat at TEDxDelft 2012: