TEDxDelft 2013 | Tigertrail – a Quest to tell the story of the tiger

To attract attention for the horrible situation of the tiger, according to many the most beautiful animal on our planet, Chris Slappendel will travel from the 15th of May until the 15th of November through 31 countries where the tiger once lived or still lives. During his TigerTrail Chris will tell the story of the tiger. A horrible story that resulted in the fact that the tiger is almost extinct in the wild, even within ten years. Follow Chris on his TigerTrail (www.tigertrail.org) and support the tiger by supporting him. Because he can’t do it alone!

A trail is actually just a path. Especially male tigers roam vast distances, some covering 1000 km in a month! TigerTrail stands for the path that Chris intends to follow and in which he covers all the countries where the tiger lives or has ever lived. In total he will be traveling through 31 Asian countries. In but 13 of those tiger are still found. The TigerTrail begins on May 15th and lasts for 6 months. It covers about 100,000 km!

Watch an interview with Chris Slappendel on Omroep West (in Dutch):