TEDxDelft 2013 | time-lapse video of live drawing at TEDxDelft


SponsorenTEDxDelft-JongensVanDeTekeningenAt TEDxDelft 2013 the Jongens van de Tekeningen (‘the drawing guys’) made a visual representation of the talks. Drawing from dusk till dawn, the first draft was made on an electronic tablet based on sketch notes taken during the talk. Using a large format printer this was printed on a roll of paper after which connecting elements and finishing touches were added by hand.

This time-lapse video shows the entire proces at high speed. This resulted in a 14-metre long continuous drawing.

This drawing shows the proceedings of TEDxDelft 2013 and was auctioned off for charity. The lucky new owner Yannick Veys made a bid of 500 EUR that was donated to the Learn Foundation that aims to help children in third world countries by providing better education.

Check out the final result!

The Jongens van de Tekeningen is a visualization agency that makes drawings of abstract and complex matters in such a way that a visual story can be told. They make drawings but also combine these skills in hand-drawn animations. This is far easier to grasp than text and helps the owner of the drawing to tell a convincing story.