TEDxDelft 2013 | Wanted: help organising side event

We need your help! We plan on having a great event (a race) on the tram rails on TU Delft campus and now we need somebody to coordinate this, preferably from within TU Delft.

The idea is to race on the track in teams from, for instance, EEMCS to the Aula Congress Centre. Teams have to build vehicles that can race on tracks (we provide chassis, tools and building material). The vehicles can be hand-driven or powered otherwise (:-)) but must withstand a safety check before entering the race.

We need somebody to coordinate this side event. This has to do with making appointments, recruiting teams, doing promotion, contact with the sponsor (sponsor is already found), contact with TU Delft (security measurements) and the contractor of the tram rails (chassis, agreements what is allowed and what not).

This side event is planned around 27 September so a lot of the work comes down to summer period and directly after.

Interested? Please contact us via info@tedxdelft.nl or on Facebook or Twitter