website_tedx2014_detailpageIn an effort to bring you a better TEDx experience, some of the TEDxDelft team set off for TEDxUHasselt last weekend.

The demographics of the event are similar to TEDxDelft. TEDxUHasselt is held at the University of Hasselt in Hasselt, Belgium. The university is primarily a technical university with approximately 5,500 students situated in a town of 70,000 inhabitants. They just hosted their 3rd event and TEDxDelft is going into our 4th. Unlike our event, TEDxUHasselt is organized and run entirely by students.

The theme of their event was Unexpected Connections. According to their website,

“After three years of existence, the organizers of TEDxUHasselt learned a lot of things. One of the most important is how interesting and powerful good connections can be and this experience is what we want to share with you. People, cultures, and research areas will be mixed and connected to each other on March 29th, which will result in the ultimate brain spa.”

We learned a lot from the experience and brought back some good ideas for 2015. Thanks to TEDxUHasselt for inviting us.