Join the TEDxDelft 2012 Team!

At the moment, our Fundraising Team is looking for a pair of extra hands to help us connect with companies and organizations who share our commitment to ideas worth spreading.  Fundraising at TEDxDelft is first and foremost about finding partners who are willing to share means, not only money (although that would come in handy) with TEDxDelft. We could use products, ideas, endorsement, network, exposure, expertise, and money to make TEDxDelft 2012 even more inspirational than the 2011 edition. So if you are dedicated to TEDxDelft and would like to put your talent in connecting and committing people into work, please donate TEDxDelft your time and expertise and join our Fundraising Team! Interested? Contact Simone.

In the next couple of months, we could use volunteers on several other jobs as well. Keep in touch if you are interested!