Ever heard of Scrapheap Challenge? Scrapheap Challenge is an engineering game show broadcasted in the UK. In the show, teams of contestants have 10 hours in which to build a working machine that can do a specific task, using materials available in a scrapheap. In 2010, TEDxDelft 2011 speaker Rolf Hut organised a similar Scrapheap Challenge for talented students of the TU Delft. We think it would be great to have something similar as a side event of TEDxDelft – of which this year’s theme is Never Grow Up! We are looking for someone who would like to coordinate and organize such a Scrapheap Challenge as an independent side event (with TEDxDelft licensee Rob Speekenbrink and Rolf ‘I am a tinkerer’ Hut as inspirational advisers). Are you talented and willing to walk the extra mile to make TEDxDelft Scrapheap Challenge into a reality? Please contact Rob.