TEDxDelft 2012: only performers

As we are building towards our next big event on 5 October 2012 we found out that the word “speakers” was not really fitting the way we see TEDxDelft.

TEDxDelft is about creating a stage for people that have an idea that is worth spreading. The idea is possibly spoken word but may also be music, food, design, a feeling, images etc etc. People might be well known in their own community but it’s more likely the majority of the people on our stage are not celebrities at all. By creating the stage, we help them and their ideas to possible fame.

We tell all people on our stage TEDxDelft is not a conference: “Don’t do a talk – put on a show” and we guide them through the process of doing this performance. We help them with the structure of their limited amount of time on stage, we coach them to act in front of 900 people in the audience, we even help them with their English.

So from now on, people on our stage are performers