TEDxDelft 2012 Team: Kim Colman

My first encounter with a TED talk was through a colleague who said she knew about a clip “I just had to watch’. That was ‘The 8 secrets of success’ by Richard St. John. A whole theory explained in just 3 minutes. I thought it was hilarious and inspiring at the same time. It is still one of my favourites.

When TEDx came to Delft in 2011 I was enthusiastic to be a visitor and when I was asked to volunteer in 2012 I did not need to think long to answer positively. I am now working on the marketing and communication aspects of the organization. Keeping in contact with the press and writing different types of texts, among other things. I get energized when we meet to discuss the upcoming event and am proud to be part of the organization.

A bit about myself: I live in Voorburg (near The Hague) and work at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. Before my work in Rotterdam I worked at the Technical University of Delft, with which I still feel a bond and it is one of the reasons I help at TEDxDelft. In my spare time I like relaxing at home or in nature, being active (I ‘discovered’ beachvolleyball 2 years ago) and travelling.

My idea worth spreading is: experience is not a prerequisite for expertise. I am convinced self proclaimed professionals don’t know what they are doing half of the time anyway (I might be exaggerating a bit here). This believe supports me in my everyday life, that everything does not have to be perfect the first time around and that you can be an ‘expert’ in something if you just have the right set of mind.

Some keywords: writing, exploring, analytical, kind, structured, trying my best to be a do-gooder.