TEDxDelft 2012 | Performer: Rosa Cerruto: “Creativity has to be shared!”

For this year’s edition of TEDxDelft, with Never Grow Up! as a theme, we are working on a mini-fairytale about the TEDx experience (soon to be launched!). We are very lucky with Rosa Cerruto as the illustrator of the story we designed. Rosa is an illustrator and architect living and working in The Netherlands. She is joining TEDxDelft as an illustrator since she is convinced that creativity has to be shared!

Rosa Cerruto studied architecture at IUAV University of Venice and the UdG University of Girona, Spain. Rosa specialized as an illustrator at the International School of Illustration Sàrmede, and her works have been featured in several exhibitions in Italy, The Netherlands and in Belgium. Rosa combines both various traditional and digital techniques in her work. She gets inpired by small daily life details of life. Visit her website to see her beautiful work!