TEDxDelft 2013 | The people behind TEDxDelft- Molly Quell – Always up for a challenge

“I love a good challenge,” says Molly Quell, the PR and Communications Coordinator for TEDxDelft. A Social Media Consultant and the International Editor of TU Delft’s student magazine, TU Delta, Quell has lived in Delft for 3 years. Her decision to sign up with the event was largely motivated by the idea of taking on a new challenge. “Besides the core team of volunteers – all of whom have different specialisations and cultural backgrounds –I have met hundreds of TU Delft students from different countries. It’s a great platform for acculturation and I’m really enjoying it,” says Quell.

A keen follower of the TED talks, Quell liked the idea of getting a glimpse at how things work on the other side of the stage. “It’s been great! The logistics that go into such an event are unimaginable and the planning has been on for months now.”

Besides making a noise about TEDxDelft on social media and in the print, the Social Media team will provide constants updates about the event and insight into the minds of each speaker. “The speakers for this year are really impressive and there’s something for everyone. Over the next month, it’s a learning curve for all of us as we get to interact with thinkers and philosophers who really want to make a change!”

 What is your role at TEDxDelft?

I’m the Online Media Coordinator so I’m responsible for our online presence as well as manage the web care team on the day of the event. I’m also the designated “native English speaker” so I answers a lot of strange questions about grammar.

 Why did you get involved with the organization?

Like a lot of people, I got involved because of Rob Speekenbrink. We’re colleagues at TU Delft and I had enjoyed working with him on a number of projects. He asked me to be a part of the team, giving me the opportunity to do the work that I most enjoy.

 How long have you been a part of the TEDxDelft Team?

I’ve been working with TEDxDelft for three years.

 If you could choose one person to give a talk at TEDxDelft, who would it be and why?

I realize that this will sound corny, but my dad. He’s lived this very interesting life and always has great stories to tell. I find myself referring back to a lot of life lessons he passed on via a humorous anecdote.

 What’s your nerdy little secret?

I try so hard to keep these under wraps! I think what often surprises people the most is that I run Linux at home. I also have an obsession with the statistical analysis of [American] football.