TEDxDelft 2013 | Ben Bronsema – Working with the elements


Photo from PhD thesis


Whoever said that “it’s not easy being green”, must have known what he or she was talking about. Of course, science has made some remarkable progress over the last decade when it comes to clean energy, but how many of those developed clean energy models have actually been integrated within the architecture of our homes and offices? (Power sockets excluded.)

We can hear you think, that stationing a big eco-friendly power plant on your rooftop would perhaps be a little too much, but somewhere in the nearby future you could consider to let nature take over the office building you work in!

With the use of wind, sun and water, veteran engineer Ben Bronsema (78) has come up with a concept that will not only change the way you look at air-conditioning and indoor climate control, but also provides a much healthier work environment. You could actually be working in a zero-energy climate engine!

By allowing the natural elements to take over the building one could use energy in the most positive sense of the word; eco-friendly and both power- and cost-effective!

Ben has been testing his concept by using mock-ups and is now ready to do more integrated testing;  at least, if somebody has a building to spare….

Labeled as the “Earth, Wind & Fire-concept”  it is our pleasure to announce that Benjamin will talk us through the basics and the potential behind his concept at this years TEDxDelft event.

For more information, take a look at www.bronconsult.org or get your tickets for the event now.

Photo obtained via TU Delta