TEDxDelft 2013 | The people behind TEDxDelft – Alwin Snel – Some brands tell their story and sell a lot of products on the way.

Alwin Snel

Can you tell us something about yourself?
I’m junior Communication Advisor at Roos & van de Werk, board member at youth organization JouwDelft and entrepreneur in the field of events, communication and (non-profit) funding at Jong(net)werkt. 21 years young and proud citizen of the city of Delft. When I was seventeen I discovered my talent for visualization and realization of ideas into projects and organizations. Inspiring and leading groups of youngsters to develop their talent and insight became my passion and specialty. Successful projects like summer proms, jazz stages and a European congress gave me the insight how to effectively communicate to your target group, from clients to colleagues to stakeholders. These projects became yearly and developed into organizations, so continuity needed to be ensured by excellent branding and good positioning. As a board member at three non-profits I coordinated the positioning of the organization, organized projects and developed services to attract and bind stakeholders. With my own ‘company’ I used all the experience to advise local entrepreneurs and non-profits on and connect with youngsters.

What’s your job at TEDxDelft?
I’m the project manager of the Gamma, HTM & TEDxDelft Tramcar Race 2013 and member of the program board of TEDxYouth@Delft. The Tramcar Race is a construction competition for high school and university students. The teams will construct their own tramcar on top of authentic tram wheels and race against each other. The semi-final will be held on the 28th of September and the final will take place during the lunch break of TEDxDelft. Teams can still enroll by sending an email to alwin@tedxdelft.nl.

What’s your favorite TED(x) talk?
The first TEDx talk I’ve seen is also my favorite: Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action. I love the ‘Why, How, What’ theory and I use it in my professional life all the time. It also makes you look at brands differently.

What’s your idea worth spreading?
A lot of companies and brands just try to sell their product. Other brands tell their story and sell a lot of products on the way. I also realized that’s the main reason non-profits are so successful. It’s not the fact that a non-profit is not aiming for profit, but it’s just because they only have their stories to tell and (most of the time) no physical products or services to sell. Think about it and tell me the 4th of October if you agree or disagree.

Which keywords define you as a person?
Passionate, Problem solver, Entrepreneur

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