TEDxDelft 2013 | Fly your own quadrocopter at this TEDxDelft workshop

quadcopter (2)

Man machine interaction is going to change in the next few years. Joep Piscaer and Michael Breit are going to take you on an evolutionary path through the development of man machine interaction using their quadrocopter as an example. In the meantime beware of the quadrocopters taking off on autonomous flights.

From touch to touchless and Leap Motion control. The focus of their workshop is going to be on the integration of the Leap Motion controller with the quadrocopter. Joep and Michael know what they are talking about: they have built their own quadrocopter using an off the shelf kit and connected it to a Leap Motion controller. This makes it possible to direct the quadrocopter using simple hand movements. Consider yourself to be an industrial designer, gadgetfreak or game designers? Make use of this unique opportunity to have programmers translate your tips into adjustments to the quadrocopter’s controls at the spot.

Try a hand at flying a quadrocopter yourself but keep in mind the intelligence of these machines is rapidly increasing. Can you keep up and stay in control?