TEDxDelft 2013 | VIPbus Food for the future: feeling hungry?


Take a big leap out of your comfort zone. The VIPbus workshop is going to work together with movisie to give you the opportunity to jump. Food for the future is healthy and sustainable. However some of these healthy and sustainable concepts can be very challenging to implement simply because we are not familiar with them.

TEDxDelft is a source of innovation and a meeting place for pioneers. ‘Het spoor van vernieuwing’ is on the lookout for like-minded individuals that are willing to form the basis of a society that is prosperous and blossoms from the inside out. And this is not only talk, they will make sure you won’t just sit down and listen but do something with your dreams.

Not only will you yourself be a few steps closer to realizing your own dreams, you can also contribute to a more beautiful, more sustainable and smarter society. The VIPbus facilitates innovative interaction between society and government.

People with a dream that want to make the step to actually do something with it, are invited to tin can their dreams with a daring expiry date.