TEDxDelft 2013 | More to see and do at TEDxDelft

VIPbusDo try this at home TEDxDelft: talk to ID coach Chantal van Arensbergen. You can find MOVISIE in the foyer on the first floor. TED talks are about getting inspired. But what does that mean? Inspiration alone doesn’t change the world. Being inspired should always mean to be inspired to take action. This is what the ID coach can help you with. Just that little push, only a small nudge. To turn ideas into reality. To make the world a better place. Chantal van Arensbergen has already helped quite a few of you out there, for example to become a social entrepreneur, to no longer be a student but still be abe to hang on to that youth and childlike curiosity. Feel like you have a great idea and inspiration? Go visit the ID coach to do something with it.

klikklakSipke Jan Boersema already demonstrated them but just in case you haven’t tried them yet. You can find adorable blue ‘klikklaks’ everywhere on the tables. Great conversation starters. Spot anyone that looks interesting? Walk up to them and challenge them to try it. If you’re already  suffering from inspiration overlaod use them as food for thought later when thinking back to TEDxDelft. One day I will… Who are you going to inspire? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the answers yet. Just start thinking about it though..