TEDxDelft 2013 | Tangerine: ballads that inspire people

SKG_9178Excited to see the new houseband of the Dutch TV-show DWDD, the audience applauded through the first notes Tangerine played. The authentic additude of twins Sander and Arnout Brinks and their drive for innovating their own music, fits right into the inspiring TEDx-event.

Tangerine’s new album describes the things they discovered on their way to success, about their dreams and hopes. The first song they performed was called ‘Motion of light’ and tells the story of their doubts during their religious youth. ‘We were in doubt all of the time’, Sander says backstage. ‘But when you doubt, your mind searches for a new path. That’s how we come up with the lyrics of our songs. I haven’t thought about it before, but when you look at it like that, we are at the right stage today.”

Sander hopes that the message of their songs will inspire listeners. “Because that’s the thing we love about TEDx; people who tell about their experiences to inspire other people. We try to do that with our music.” In the second song they performed at stage (Reasons), he practice what he preaches by singing that reasons will fade with time. “We are all searching for something spectacular in life, but when you commit to your passions and believes, you will be OK!”