TEDxDelft 2015 Speakers | Roeland Dietvorst | Understanding the inner workings of the brain

Photo: The Social Conference

The human mind cannot be trusted. This is what many years of research have taught neuroscientist Roeland Dietvorst. With a background in biological and cognitive psychology and a PhD in Applied Neuroscience from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Dietvorst tries to better understand and predict how consumers respond to various marketing stimuli and products.

“Our conscious mind provides us with the illusion that we are in control of our decisions,” the neuroscientist claims. “However, reflexive processes that occur outside of our awareness have a huge impact on our everyday decisions, behaviours and preferences. Because of this configuration of processes in the brain, people perform very poorly when trying to predict their own behaviour in the future, or when explaining their behaviour from the past.”

At the NeuroLabs research facility in the Netherlands, Dietvorst and his team use neuroscientific methods and models to search for new and better ways to comprehend human behaviour. “By measuring activity in the brain, we are able to better predict behaviour in response to certain situations or information,” Dietvorst says. “Whether you are a marketer or consumer, learning about neuroscience will fundamentally change your perspective on what drives your everyday decisions and who you are as a person. Ultimately, you will benefit from understanding the brain in multiple areas. “

As founding partner of neuroscience marketing research consultancy NeuroLabs and Neuromarketing lecturer at the European Institute for Brand management, Dietvorst is more than ready to take the stage at the upcoming TEDxDelft Event on February 27, 2015. “TEDxDelft is considered to be one of the most prestigious stages for a speaker,” the neuroscientist shares. “Therefore I am very honoured to be invited. In addition, I am also very thankful for the experience because TEDxDelft provides excellent and intensive coaching, which will help me to bring my talks to the next level.”