No TEDxDelft events in the very near future but of course there are enough events to boost your senses: For instance the International Festival of Technology on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June. The technological heart of the world beats even harder with an unexpected mix of technology, music and art. Three days full of tech & fun! With Chef’Special, Lieven Scheire, Broederliefde, David Lemereis, My Baby, Bright Night, Youngr and many more.

Entrance is free.

How big is the influence of big data, bio technology and the dark side on your life? How far are we with the development of the superhuman? And can we develop new senses with technology? You will find out during the IFoT ‘Boost your senses’ edition! Check the complete program at and #IFoT2017.

In our opinion these are the absolute must sees:

  • On Wednesday the 7th of June stand-up physica and tv-personality Lieven Scheire explains in his own hilarious way how the Relativity of Einstein works. What did the guy actually mean?
  • Later that day the first ever conference in the world on superhero technology will take place, ‘The Secrets of Superhero Science’.
  • On Thursday the 8th of June science journalist David Lemereis explains in ‘The Future is Now!’ that everything in our lives has artificial intelligence embedded. And that’s just the beginning…
  • In the evening a special edition of ‘Bright Night’ takes place, with among others the infotainment show ‘The Unboxing Party’, known from television. Your host for the evening is Bright-TV founder Erwin van der Zande.

The International Festival of Technology takes place simultaneously with the TU Delft Research Exhibition. The largest science expo of the Netherlands where you can meet the brilliant minds behind 175 cutting edge technological and innovative research items. All events are in English.

The festival ends on Friday with an amazing line-up during the ‘Closing Party – Ultimate Boost!’. Chef’Special, Broederliefde, Youngr, My Baby, Falco Benz, Ronnie Flex, Navarone, CUT_, Jonna Fraser, Radio Eliza and many more boost you and your friends into the weekend!

Check the IFOT program at this website or follow us on social media, hashtag #ifot2017. The International Festival of Technology will take place at the campus of the TU Delft and different locations all over the city.

About the International Festival of Technology

The International Festival of Technology is a cooperation between the TU Delft, Gemeente Delft, Haagse Hogeschool, InHolland, Ondernemersfonds Delft, Fonds1818 and Discovery Channel. This year is the third edition of the festival.

Nima Tolou

Harvesting energy from the movement of humans to power our everyday appliances seems quite futuristic, maybe even implausible. Dr. Nima Tolou, Assistant Professor at the Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering at TU Delft, focuses on creating a cleaner world by lowering the use of batteries and replacing them with energy driven by motion.

Tolou received his PhD in 2012 from the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at TU Delft, focussing on micro-electro-mechanical systems. Apart from being an Assistant Professor at TU Delft, he is also an Intra-European Fellow at the Optical and Semiconductor Group at Imperial College London. In addition, he has published several research papers and has been named inventor of eight patent applications, seven of which he is the first inventor.

“I am pretty excited to share my ideas on motion energy harvesters for real world applications,” he said. By 2020, 20 billion low-power devices will require batteries. During his talk Tolou will share his ideas about how energy recovered through motion will reduce our dependency on batteries, along with knowledge he gained through his work on the design of high-performance micro/meso compliant mechanisms for MEMS and motion-driven energy harvesters. Tolou hopes to reduce the environmental impact, replacement cost, and potential health risks from batteries through his revolutionary ideas.

Want to learn more about this new technology? Come be a part of this exciting talk on Sunday 24 January, starting at 15:00 at Theater de Veste.