9 December 2013 from 12.30 until 13.30 in the aula auditorium TU Delft (please be aware me moved TEDxDelftSalon from the Library to the Aula).
Jessica Aceves

Welcome to the TEDxDelftSalon: small, monthly events that take place in the Auditorium in the Aula. One TED talk, one live speaker and a discussion afterwards.

TEDxDelftSalon will take place during lunchtime (sandwiches will be provided) from 12.30 until 13.30. All talks will be in English and registration is mandatory.

Are you our next TEDxDelftSalon speaker?

We are looking for live speakers at our TEDxDelftSalon events: Are you (PhD) student at TU Delft and do you think you have an idea worth spreading (so no product and no company): please contact us at TEDxDelftSalon@TEDxDelft.nl.

Past TEDxDelftSalon events

Wednesdag 11 November 2013: Jessica Aceves – Lust for speed

Wednesday 24 April 2013: Derk-Jan Karrenbeld – Alone in the light

Wednesday 20 March 2013: Cynthia Liem – Every bit of it

Wednesday 20 February 2013: Robin Sontheimer – Democracy in the digital age

Wednesday 19 December 2012: Cherrelle Eid – The roots of realisation.

Wednesday 11 November 2012: Yosef Safi Harb – Why you should not fix your bike.

Wedenesday 17 October 2012: Fifty Shades of Concrete by Eva Lantsoght

Wednesday 22 February 2012: Redefining High-impact science by Guenevere Prawiroatmodjo

Wednesday 28 March 2012: The learning revolution starts here by Hildo Bijl

Wednesday 25 April 2012: “A beautiful addiction” by Roeland Heerema

Wednesday 23 May 2012: “Innovating university life through Open Data” by Tom Verhoeff.

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