TEDxDelft Salon 2012 | Speaker Profile | Guenevere Prawiroatmodjo


We’re very proud to announce our first TEDxDelftSalon speaker. On 22 February 2012 Guenevere Prawiroatmodjo will climb the Salon stage. She will be talking about redefining high-impact-science.

Guenevere Prawiroatmodjo (4th of August 1986, Nijmegen) has studied Applied Physics at Delft University of Technology and is currently starting a high-tech company with Leo Kouwenhoven, professor at the research group Quantum Transport.

High-impact science is currently defined as achieving the highest possible number of publications with the highest possible number of citations. But is this enough? What does ‘impact’ really mean? By embedding the impact on society in the definition of scientific success, we could not only achieve faster scientific discovery, but also revolutionize the way science is done.

With her talk at TEDxDelftSalon and a viewing of Michael Nielsen’s talk “Open science now!”, Guenevere wants to start the discussion on that we can use Open Science to make impact on society, by re-defining what high-impact science really means.

Please join Guenevere in this discussion on 22 February 2012. TEDxDelftSalon takes place in TU Delft Library. Please RSVP on our Facebook page.