Blogger – Reint Jan Holterman

Can you tell us something about yourself?
My name is Reint Jan Holterman. I’m 38 years old and living in Amersfoort together with my wife and daughter. I’ve worked all my life in IT, in various technical roles as well as sales and management roles. A few years ago I decided to start my own marketing consultancy practice, and I’m currently involved at various (IT) companies as an independent marketing consultant.

Besides a marketing fan, I’m also a bit of a news addict. The first thing I do every morning and the last thing every evening (really true, not a joke) is opening up Twitter, to see what happened in the world. Twitter has become one of my main news sources, as well as it is a way to keep up with (online) friends. Besides that, I love to read news magazines and listen to news broadcasts on the radio. And when weather permits, you’ll find me cooking some burgers on the BBQ for family and friends.

What’s your job at TEDxDelft?
Until a year ago, I had never heard of TED (ouch…!). Then a good friend of mine told me how he loved to watch TED movies online. Gotten curious, I also started to watch these TED talks and have become a great fan of TED since then. That’s why I volunteered to be one of the bloggers for TEDx Delft.

What’s your favorite TED(x)talk?
I’ve seen many great talks, from Sean Carrols’ talk about the multiverse, Eli Pariser on “online filter bubbles” or David Mc Candless on the beauty of data visualization. All these are must-sees, really. There’s one other talk, however, I simply cannot forget; the story of Caroline Casey titled “Looking past limits”. This is a truly amazing story  of her extraordinary life, in which she constantly challenges you to move beyond the limits you may think you have.

What’s your idea worth spreading?
I’m not sure if it is an idea worth spreading, but my personal motto is: “when you’re about to make an important decision, just think: how you would look back upon this decision later, when you’re 75 or 80 years old?” This question helps you to understand what are the truly important things in your life, the things you don’t want to regret you have (or haven’t) done.

Which keywords define you as a person?
Blending family life with work and mixing marketing with IT.