TEDxDelft 2012 Team: Chris van Houdt

It is my pleasure to become part of the TEDxDelft team and I hereby would like to introduce myself in a nutshell. My name is Chris van Houdt, 31 years old, 3rd out of 4 brothers, living in the beautiful city of Rotterdam, often hit the road as race-cyclist, enjoy art and have a passion for people and building bridges.

My most watched TED Talk is ‘How to create a movement’ from Derek Sivers and I use it frequently in presentations. Currently working as Marketing & Communication Specialist for Inter IKEA Systems B.V., the owner and worldwide franchisor of the IKEA Concept which is based in Delft.

The coming period I will organise the Scrapheap Challenge (an engineering game show broadcasted in the UK. In the show, teams of contestants have 10 hours in which to build a working machine that can do a specific task, using materials available in a scrapheap) which is planned to take place on Friday the 28th of September.