TEDxDelft 2012 | Performer: Wendy Lampen – See the world through her Asperger eyes


Wendy Lampen (Belgium, 1969 – @lampadedromy) works as a lecturer for a university of applied sciences. She got diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome herself. Trained as a teacher in English, History and Ethics she later on worked with adolescents with autism in a school setting.

Next to being an MA in autism, she extensively studied neurotypical (non-autistic) behaviour in order to understand people better. It gave her insight into what really set her apart from (most of the) others: sensory processing and its ongoing processes and the way the two braintypes give meaning to the world they experience.

This hightend awareness made her start her own company with her (neurotypical) partner. From her international experience in how different cultures look at autism or ‘disorders’ in general, Wendy is an advocate for a neuro-divers society. She focusses on the competences and the possibilities of the different braintypes and how they each can contribute to a richer life.

And although being on the autismspectrum herself she approaches each problem as it just being a vehicle between the current position she is in, and the next one – and for that matter thus a better one.