TEDxDelft 2012 team: Toine Andernach – performers coach

After my unforgettable experience at TEDxDelft 2011, it was a logical step to sign up as a TEDxDelft 2012 volunteer again. This year I co-ordinate a dedicated team of performer coaches. As a team, we coach TEDxDelft performers on how to captivate and convince an audience by applying story telling, argumentation and theatre techniques.

As a passionate educational consultant and teacher trainer I am lucky to work in the stimulating academic setting of Delft University of Technology. My hobby horse is the underestimated power of using silence in presentations and teaching. I am convinced that the quality of lectures and presentations will drastically increase when teachers and performers use silence more intentionally.

Some of my favorite TED talks related to the topics which interest me, are:

Furthermore, I love water, I love language, but above all, I love my twins of whom I hope they will never grow up!